My CV, my Work and my Vision

Curriculum Vitae

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My LIFE and why

I once wanted to become a great cook, I spend my 11th to 15th years cooking in my home town in well-known restaurants.

After this I discovered Chemistry and Physics and fell in love for this, but going for physics studies was a choice including giving up on my chef carrer. In the beggining of 2017 I was waiting for my admission responses. The School i wanted to go to was only 25 sits for 8000 requests a year and i was 26th on the list until the 1st Day of School in ESD in which I registered 2 weeks before. I finally chose ESD because of my passion for video, video games and all visuals. I really enjoy watching goods ads and digitals productions so i began to use my 5 years of experience in filmaking to reach some new heights.
My dedication to work and the trust important people gave me made me succeed.

That’s why I’m here today, really thankfull and looking forward for progress and opportunities.